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You do not have permission to schedule

Question asked by Carlos Perez Menendez on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Carlos Perez Menendez

Hi, I have an installation of Pentaho 7.1 CE on Debian. I have several .prpt reports developed with PRD. The problem comes when a user try to schedule a report. Even having administrative privileges we have the error "You do not have permission to schedule". In my laptop I have also a 7.1 CE and it works fine. I had a look on the logs but I don't see any relevant information about this error. The report has the schedule check marked. I also tried with other reports. The remarkable difference among two installations is that in my laptop Pentaho is installed with my own user and when schedule a report here the form offers my home directory as the default Generated Content Location. On the other machine Pentaho is owned by the user pentaho and I have some PUC users that are not Linux users.

Please, could you help me with this problem? Thanks.