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MonitorApp rejecting on 6162

Question asked by Ian Saunders Employee on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Yury Kats

I was doing an install the other day on Ubuntu 18 LTS. The setup script froze but I was able to complete install by killing the  process and reforking. However, I ran into a strange issue where after install, the adminapp would respond fine on port 8000 but HCM (monitorapp) would reject requests. This happened the moment that installation was complete and I clicked “finish” where it redirects you for the first time to port 6162. We played around with DNS to make sure that SSL wasn’t the culprit, but no joy.


Feel like I may be missing something obvious (I already checked SELINUX and flushed Iptables, etc). Has anyone seen trouble where they could get to HCI/AdminApp just fine but couldn’t get to HCM MonitorApp?


I’m just gonna restore a snapshot to post docker install and try again otherwise…


This was a vanilla, single node instance.