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Multiple arrays with multiple host mapped to each not showing in HDCA

Question asked by James Reeves on Oct 24, 2018

Not sure if this is the proper forum to ask about HDCA.


I've got two (2) G200 arrays at one site with about a dozen hosts mapped to both arrays.  In HDCA in the "Owners" folder, I only see about half of the hosts under one array, and the other half of the hosts under the sister array.  In addition, there is one folder under the "owners" folder that list every host. 


In the attached screen shot, hosts "hotel", "idea", "jackson", "kitchen", & "lion" appear under "vspg200-b-sg1", while under "vspg200-a-sg1, "apollo", "battery", "cobra", "diana", "episode", "film", & "garden" appear.


Can someone please help me to understand what is going on here and why I'm not seeing all hosts listed under both arrays?  Each host is in it's own Host Group on both arrays.