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Report with KTR parameter not loading on server

Question asked by Dean Flinter on Dec 3, 2018

Not sure if cross posting is frowned upon as I have posted this in the Pentaho server section. Not sure if it is a server or PRD issue so thought I would post here also




I created a report in Report Designer which uses a KTR to power a parameter


The transformation is a REST call to an API, the cleaned results of which are the options I want for the parameter


The parameter loads fine in Report Designer but when I upload it to the server, the report will not open at all, just a blank screen. I inspected the page and I can see that the issue is with the parameter. I can see a HTTP 500 error when it is calling the parameter but the response is simply a "Sorry, we did administrator" type thing


Looking further I did see this "error parsing parameter information.: [object object]"


I am trying to get the server logs but thought I would ask here in the meantime


I setup a dummy report which uses an API for a different service and it works fine. The only difference I can see between the 2 API structures is that the broken one uses Authorization: Bearer {api_token} header, with the working using Authorization: {api_token}


Could the "Bearer " bit be the reason? I was thinking perhaps the space between "Bearer" and the token could be the issue but the call will not work without it


Any help is appreciated