Calvin Robert

Transfer MySQL Database to SQL Express 2017 with MSSM

Discussion created by Calvin Robert on Jan 1, 2019

I just begin programming applications, and I need to install a demo of my software. But I read on internet that if I install a software using MySQL, I have obligation to give my source code except if I pay annual licence.(contacted Oracle support 3 months ago, but never got answer). psiphon


That's why I decided to transfer database on SQL Server, but now I meet that problem to install it on client's server, any advise about it also would be welcome. Thanks I have a database in MySQL, and I would like to copy it on Microsoft Server 2017 through MS Server Migration.


On my local computer it works perfectly, but when I try to do it on the server, I have the following warning : SQL Server is not running. You must start SQL Server Agent to use Server-side data migration engine.


When I check services, I see in fact that no agent is running. Looking on internet, I read that on SQL Express there is no Agent service, and I need to buy SQL Server Entreprise?