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HDT License Capacity Usage

Question asked by B890S6UV on Jan 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by David Francis

Hitachi Dynamic Tiering ( HDT Pool)


Team, I have 60 TB of HDT( Dynamic Tiering) license , and i want to create a pool with 2 TIERS( FMD and SAS).

PGs are created with RAID 62+2P for SAS and 3D+1P for FMD drives.


1) Is there any way how can i calculate how many FMDs should i use for HDT Pool ?

2) Is there any minimum or maximum number of FMDs ( Tier 1) which has to be used for HDT pool creation ? What if i just allocate 1 PG for FMD & remaining all PG for SAS for HDT Pool creation , will that work ?

3) How will i determine that i need more license capacity for HDT or the existing licensed capacity is not used optimally?


Thanks, M