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HNAS - Replication Topology options

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Nathan King


We're looking at moving our DR dataroom to a new datacentre which is being refreshed with new kit. So I'm wondering what options are available.

We currently have  a HNAS4060 Cluster in our primary datacentre (DC1) jetmirror replicating to a HNAS3080 in our DR site. We've got a new 4060 cluster going into our new site (DC3) , and replication needs to continue in DC2 until DC3 has reached a stable state. All custers are at the latest RGA code levels


Can we do one to many with jetmirror  so:-

DC1 -> DC2  and DC1-> DC3


Which makes removing DC2 easier


Or do we have to chain



in which case how do we then remove DC2 to go to a DC1->DC3 scenario


Any thought/advice appreciated