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HDLM across SANs

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 21, 2006

Originally posted by: lesleystirling


2 AMS500 SANs, connected over a WAN; TrueCopy Asynchronous replicating between the two; HDLM installed on MSCS cluster nodes

We have been informed that it is possible to configure HDLM so that in the event of a failure of one SAN it will fail over automatically to a LUN on the alternate SAN (contained data replicated by TrueCopy from the source). I can't find any documentation on it in the user guide, or anywhere else.

Can anyone confirm if this is the case and if so how it would work ? I am puzzled as to how it could be done, as surely both the local LUN and the remote one would have to have the same ID for HDLM to be able to fail over, the connection would not be direct fibre one but would have to pass over the WAN, and futhermore I expect the cluster would object to a different disk signature.....

Any info would be appreciated.