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Shadowimage using CCI in Windows for AMS1000

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 15, 2007
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Originally posted by: anarasim

I am trying to configure Shadowimage operations using CCI Raid Manager scripts for AMS1000 from a dedicated storage management server (Windows 2003 Server). A command device from AMS1000 has already been provisioned to this server.

When I try to add the definitions for LDEV# for PVOLs/SVOLS using "#dev_group      dev_name        serial#       LDEV#        mu#" format, HORCM instances are not starting with the message in the log file showing that the PVOLs/SVOLs are not detected by this host.

Our plan is to manage Shadowimage operations for multiple hosts using a single storage management server with a command device provisioned from the storage subsystem.

Any advise/recommendations will be greatly appreciated.