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VSP G370 with GAD - change Pvol and Svol

Question asked by Volker Osswald on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2019 by Volker Osswald

Hi Experts,

i need your help on a „special“ Question with GAD configurations.

At a customer i have the following configuration:

2x VSP G370 connected with GAD Links, all volumes are ALUA enabled. The distance between the two DPCenters is around 50km. So Server1 has active path to the volumes of VSP G370 #1 and Server 2 has active paths to the volumes of VSP G370 #2. The crosspaths are configured, but only used in case of a failure. Customer does not use HDLM, all is done with MPIO of the OS ( Windows, VMWare, Linux ). At this time the Pvols are in Location 2 and the Svols in Location 1. In every location are active Servers. Each servergroup sees the same volumes. In the diagramm below, Server1 and Server2 see the same volumes. Now the customer wants to change Pvol and Svol.

As i saw in the GAD Users Guide, there is a procedure for changing Pvol and Svol and as i understand it, this is online for Servers and Applications.

Is this also valid for my configuration here?



Any and all help is appreciated.


Thanks and best regards, Volker