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BigQuery plugin disappeared

Question asked by Virgilio Pierini on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by Ana Gonzalez

Hi guys,

I was giving a try at Matt's kettle beam plugin following Diethard superb blog post: but something strange happened. Problem is: I managed to run some tests but, suddenly, the BigQuery plugin disappeared.

By disappeared I mean that if I try to load the attached transformation it reports BeamBQInput as missing.

If I try to build a new one from scratch... no step in the palette.

But -you see- actually I had managed to create the ktr, so it once worked!


What might have happened? How to debug with some more detail?

I previously had PDI CE 8.1 on the machine. Then installed 8.2 on same machine (of course same user) but different folder. I see no errors at startup, karaf is reading from the correct (new) location.

Is there any cache/caveat I'm missing?