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Cannot connect Pentaho server via Pentaho client.

Question asked by Akira Inoue on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by Akira Inoue

To whom it may concern,


Hi, We're using Pentaho 8.2 free version to check how Pentaho works, but we face a connection issue when Pentaho client try to connect Pentaho server.


Here is a details.

1. We setup Pentaho server in EC2 and we think we can successfully setup server, as we can connect to Pentaho user console via Browser.

2. We try to connect from Pentaho client(Spoon?), but we face an following error.

 "You don't seem to be getting a connection to the server. Please check the path you're using and make sure the server is up and running."


I think this is a basic error on Pentaho. Please kindly suggest us to resolve this issue.

You're cooperation will be appreciate.



Akira Inoue