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VMware usage / Raid 1+0 recommendations on hds 9585

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 5, 2007
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Originally posted by: jesseb

Hello all,

We are in the midst of planning for a vmware consolidation effort this year, and are coming up to the storage provisioning section. After collecting performance numbers for about a month our vmware consultant has indicated we will need a couple of raid 1+0 volumes for some of our virtual machines.

My question is if there are recommended group sizes (maximum sizes, etc.) for raid 1+0 groups on the hds 9585 array? or for that matter in creating raid 1+0 groups in general on any array  (maybe this isn't an array specific question? ).  While the volumes that were requested are not that large (relatively), I would like to create the volume size based on projected host growth for the next year or so rather than deal with any type of volume concatenation or expansion situation when we add more vm in the near future.

Up to this point the only san responsibilities I have had were for creating raid5 volumes for our database app volumes and the 6+1 and 7+1 groups we used seem to have worked well (lots of sequential reads/table scans).

Since I'm still a storage newbie any advice ( or pointers towards resources ) would be most appreciated.

Also, a big thanks to hds for getting this forum up, it has already provided a ton of useful info.