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Backup related to NSC

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 16, 2007
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Originally posted by: sudhirvernekar

Hi All,

I have one more query regarding the veritas backup. In the SAN environment I have 8 SAN media servers and 10 clients? servers.

SAN setup: HDS 9570 is connected to NSC55, and from NSC55 the luns have been published to servers. NSC55 is used as virtualization.

We have a LUN of 400 GB in NSC55 internally which is given to one of the mail server (Mail-11) which takes to complete the backup of 380GB in 4HRS.
Where I have LINUX SAN media server (CC01 / in0356glt0003) which take for 78GB to complete in 4 HRS. The 78 GB is coming from HDS 9570 to NSC55.

One more thing is the files been backed for Mail-11 is very less compared to CC01 which have more number of files.

CC01:- files 679349 / 73734656 Kilobytes.

Mail-11:- files 2336 / 352053316 Kilobytes

Both are using same brocade switch 3850. 

Please let me know why s much difference , is it that the LUN is from internal to HDS NSC55 or what ?

send the document which states due to file difference the backup window differs.

guys any Idea.