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When to move off current array ?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 20, 2007
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Originally posted by: jesseb

Hi all,

I'm a *nix admin and still a relative storage newbie.

My manager is making noise about migrating off our current array over the next year (an hds9585v about 57TB mix of fc and sata).

I'm not looking forward to this because less then a year ago we moved about 13Tb from an older hds9200 to the hds9585, now he is talking about moving again. (Planning not a strong point with my boss :/ ).  Also I know my boss is prone to getting sucked in by salesman claims, (he recently attended an emc pitch), when in reality it may not be make sense to migrate yet. 

Any way, I know there is a price point where maintenance contracts start to become financially unattractive, and I see from the hds web site that hitachi "normal support" lasts 5 years past when they stop selling a product (does anyone know when the hds9585 stopped being sold ?)

Most importantly I'm just wondering when/(with what frequency) other storage admins move off of their storage platforms? Also for a small to medium business like my company, do people typically migrate an entire array at a time, or do at some point you buy a new frame, and then start using that for all new storage provisioning?

sorry for the semi-rambling post and thanks for any input,