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AMS500 slow read rate on large raid10 volume

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 29, 2007
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Originally posted by: Ted

I have a RAID1+0 volume consisting of 8 146GB 15K drives. This volume was on one controller and I tried to copy to a volume on another controller at the host level

Seems like the AMS500 was choking on the read rate, cpu went from 0.0 to 40% and the read rate was somewhere around 20mbps

I attempted to copy the data to another SAN and the transfer rate didnt change

Trying to copy from a RAID10 volume consisting of 4x146GB drives to another san volume got me somewhere around 70mbps. Switch and port utilization weren't anywhere near capasity

Is there some known issue with read rates from large raid groups? Seems a bit rediculous to have to rely on LVM to glue together a bunch of small volumes to achieve decent performance