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Microprocessor Owner of port on CHA in USP

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 3, 2007
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Originally posted by: Sontas J.

i have question about the microprocessor owner on CHA. if i have 8 port fiber channel of CHA i need to know how it design for MCP owner of this CHA.

Cluster1                                Cluster2
CL1-A                                    CL2-A
CL3-A                                    CL4-A 
CL5-A                                    CL6-A
CL7-A                                    CL8-A

CL1-C                                    CL2-C
CL3-C                                    CL4-C
CL5-C                                    CL6-C
CL7-C                                    CL8-C

Anybody can give me answer about it please tell me. If anyone have some document or white paper that show me a picture or content about this detail please send to me at goasutlor@hotmail.com , It will be great.