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Announcing the HDS WebTech Series

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Learn how to get the most out of your storage investment, Hitachi Data System by joining The WebTech Series. This series of live web-based seminars will feature senior storage consultants sharing their industry-leading expertise on critical technology issues.

Don?t miss this opportunity to benefit from our consultants extensive experience. Hitachi Data Systems experts will help you explore the full capabilities of your current storage technology and derive the most from your investment.

Upcoming WebTech Series webinars will address:

? Scripting Storage Management Solutions with Hitachi Device Manager
October 31, Wednesday, 9:00 am PDT

TECHNICAL SESSION: In many cases it makes sense to automate storage provisioning operations through the use of command line interface scripts. Where an optimized configuration operation can be pre-specified, the use of a script can both reduce the effort and time required and also eliminate possible configuration errors. In this session, Craig Chan, Software Design Manager, will cover the configuration of the Device Manager CLI interface and explain the use of scripts with Device Manager. During the webcast, examples will be shown using prototype scripts.

? Eliminating Redundant Data in Your Backup Environment
November 13, Tuesday, 11:00 am PST

A lot is now being written about data de-duplication; is it just hype or is it truly the next evolution of data protection? In this webcast, Victor Nemechek will explore existing and emerging data de-duplication technologies and will show you how to increase the useable capacity of a given amount of storage while achieving enterprise-class reliability, scalability, and 100% integrity of your data.

? Best Practices for Oracle Automatic Storage Management and Hitachi Replication Software
November 28, Wednesday, 9:00 am PST

TECHNICAL SESSION: Many enterprise organizations leverage Oracle applications to conduct business and support critical operations. This data has become an asset to the business and protecting it from corruption or loss is key. Because leveraging replication functions on the storage array is the de facto standard in the enterprise and other segments, fully understanding the interaction between replication processes and the Oracle environment is necessary to guarantee effective data protection. In this webcast, Todd Hanson, Advanced Technical Consultant, will review Oracle database 10g automatic storage management best practices with Hitachi Replication Software on the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform? family of products. The session will include Oracle and Hitachi Data Systems command line commands, how Oracle disk groups need to be configured to support replication, and suggestions for tuning performance.

? Using Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager to Enable Server Boot from the SAN
December 5, Wednesday, 9:00 am PST

TECHNICAL: IT Tier One application service-level agreements (SLA) require that there are no single points of failure within the IT infrastructure. One important and often overlooked strategy to help accomplish this is to enable application server hosts to boot from the storage area network (SAN). Hitachi Data Systems storage consultant and architect, Catherine Anderson, will describe how to accomplish SAN boot with Hitachi Global Link Availability Manager and Dynamic Link Manager.

? ? Effective compliance strategies: how to protect yourself and your company
December 13, Thursday, 11:00 am PST

Regulatory compliance is at the forefront of IT executives and legal departments of most firms. With increasing amounts of data that must be protected for long periods of time, the task is sometimes daunting. Ken Ewers will discuss how HDS is working to help you meet your security and compliance challenges.

Customers and channel partners are welcome but participation is limited and pre-registration is required. For more information about the WebTech Series, the schedule for future webinars and session topics, and how to register, please [url="http://www.hds.com/webtech/"]click here to learn more[/url].
Recorded copies of previous webcasts are also available at www.hds.com/webtech/.

[i]Recorded copies of previous webcasts are also available at www.hds.com/webtech[/i]