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Originally posted by: MWetherspoon

Hey all,

Due to some wonderful issues that arose recently for me, I have finally convinced the powers that be to invest in some path management and monitoring for the SAN.

About 12 months ago I looked at HGLAM and liked what i saw of it possibilities at the time, but I am also not running a pure HDLM shop for multi-pathing at this time.

We have a mix of HDLM, some Veritas DMP, and also some AIX native MPIO. From what I have from the eval of HGLAM from back then there was talk and a road map to add the monitoring of DMP and MPIO into the features of HGLAM, but I don;t know if it ever came about.

Anyone have any updates or info on that side of it?

Also - anyone out there using it heavily to monitor/manage your multi-path environments that can share you experiences with the product (good or bad) or any other products / solutions you are using to monitor & manage your multi-path environments?

Thanks for any input!

- Mark