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9970v -multiple LUSEs striped on OS level performance issues

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 7, 2008
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Originally posted by: s0cket

Hi all,

I have a 4 years old 9970v array with 96 X 146gb 10k disks, which is required to present a single 6TB UFS partition to an application running on a Solaris 10 Sparc box  (don't ask why...).

This partition also needs to feed a hungry single LTO4 drive library with sustained speed of no less than 200 Mbyte/sec during backups (to take into account the possible compression levels).

After talking with the reseller a few times, it appeared that any custom volume in the 9970 array which is > 50gb is going to be made as LUSE no matter what.

So we have 16 X 3+1 RAID5 groups, which then are cut as 1 X 2GB LDEV + 1 X Open-V*7 CVS LUSE (approx 400gb).

These 16 X LUSEs are then striped as a 16-way stripe (various stripe unit sizes were tested) with the Solaris SVM (logical-block mpxio) to get a single 6.2TB partition.

I'm doing the same tests with a Sun 6540 disk array based partition, and the above LUSE based partition, and the 6540 based storage is nearly three times faster:

dd if=/dev/md/rdsk/d102 of=/dev/rmt/0 bs=2048k

The best we could get out from the 9970v based partition is around 110 Mbyte/sec.

Any hints? My feeling is that the 9970v is just not cut for such partition sizes and speed.