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Turn it on - an incentive to purchase non HDS?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 15, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615

I have come to the conclusion that something is wrong somewhere. 

You might have seen the promotion called Turn it on where HDS will give you free licences to virtualise external storage.  Its a great system so I took advantage of it earlier this year.  I have a couple of Clariions and rebranded LSI systems floating about and they make for nice cheap (until EMC maintenance bills come in the post) systems.  I can max out the CX3-80's to some incrediable size if I was that way inclined.

Having not actually read what the promotion says, I asked our HDS people for a Turn it on licence for the new AMS 2300 I am buying specifically for virtualisation with the USP V.  Its a lot cheaper to put SATA into the 2300 than the USP V and I prefer to use the 500 GB disk with RAID 6 protection when using SATA for what I am going to use it for.  I can't use RAID 6 on the Clariion when I virtualise it (why not??) and EMC only offer 1 TB SATA drives.

So when I was told that the promotion is for 3 rd party only, I was well and truly gob smacked.  I appears that I am getting penalised financially for using HDS equipment.  I am absolutely positive I can fit another 300 or more TB into our non HDS mid range storage and pay less for their disks and I get a free licence to virtualise it.  I just don't understand that logic.

If anything I should be getting incentives to purchase the AMS such as a SMS thrown in as well as the BOS V licences, etc..

Am I missing something here?