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HTnM Agent migration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 31, 2010
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Originally posted by: Alastair

Has anyone succesfully migrated HTnM and associated agents to another server?

Following the instructions in the manual I have migrated the main server database using hcmdbtrans and the individual agents using jpcctrl backup + jpcresto.

For the restore of the agents, I have created the instance and then retored the data having used jpcconf host hostmode commands to change the alias for the restore. Then changed the hostmode to the correct value at the end.

However having done all that, HTnM now appears to start OK, but fails whenever I attempt to poll anything. In addition, although JPCCTRL LIST * HOST=* displays the correct agent locations, when I attempt to run the polling, it still appears to be attempting to connect to the old locations.

All of this is with HTnM 6.3.0.

Has anyone run into similar problems and/or able to suggest what might be missing.