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AMS w/ NetApp

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 27, 2011
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Originally posted by: johnr

Looking for some recommendations with an AMS 2500 behind a NetApp 3170.

NetApp using RAID-4 and RAID-DP with some of thier drive trays.  That coupled with current HDD sizes yield RAID groups larger that 1TB easy.  3170 has a limitation of 1TB LUN size for backend storage (I'm told by NetApp).  Further we have had recommended a single Aggregate in the 3170.

With a sigle Aggregate, we'll end up with multiple LUNs residing on the same RAID set, within a common Aggregate.  If the Aggregate is doing any type of stiping, and it is, at some point of utilization, there will be contention for access to HDDs in the RAID set.

With multiple Aggregates and logically layoing out LUNs, there will still be a similar situation.

Subsitute a 2500 for backend storage and there you have our setup.

Applying HDP logic to this, would it not be wiser to have a single LUN per RAID group and aviod such contention if at all possible ?