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Host Mode Options

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 31, 2013
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Originally posted by: Kamalarajan

Hi Experts,

Could you please give briefs on the Host mode Options:-

I know it is a long list but it will be useful for anyone who requires the options to be enabled while configuring or editing the HG.

Mode No    Option Description
2                   VERITAS Database Edition/Advanced Cluster
6                   TPRLO
7                   Automatic Recognition function of LUN
12                No display for ghost LUN
13                SIM report at link failure
14                HP Trucluster with Truecopy Function
15                HACMP
22                Veritas Cluster Server
23                REC command support
33                Set/Report Device Identifier enable
39                Change the nexus specified in the SCSI target reset
40                V-Vol expansion
41                Prioritized device recognition command
42                Prevent "OHUB PCI retry"
43                Queue full response
48                HAM Svol read option
49                BB credit Set up option1
50                BB credit Set up option2
51                Round Trip Set up option
52                HAM and Cluster software for SCSI-2 Reserve
54                Support option for the EXTENDED COPY command
57                HAM response change
60                LUN0 Change Guard
61                Expanded persistent Reserve key
63                Support option for vStorage APIs based on T10 standards
65                Round Trip Extended Setup option
67                Change of the ED_TOV value
68                Support Page Reclamation for Linux
69                Online LUSE expansion
71                Change the unit Attention for Blocked Pool-VOLs
72                AIX GPFS Support
73               Support option for WS2012