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AMS2000 Replication Features - Mix&Match

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Hi all,

I thought I'll share the replication summary I did during my preps for HH0-120 and HH0-220...

when it comes to modular AMS2000 replication features, a few restrictions apply...(and always check the latest greatest FW release notes)

AMS2000 Replication Features - Mix'n'Match:

Restrictions (base toplogy: 4 vols, 2 systems, 2 vols/system):
R1 - SI and CoW cannot be combinated
R2 - SI and TCE cannot be combinated
R3 - CoW and TC/TCE cannot see more than one TC/TCE relationship
Rx - refer to the user guides for the pair status and other restrictions

Combinations / Cascades:
please refer to the user guides, as the topology diagrams are worth a 1000 words.
also check the CCI guides for the pair status details

Hitachi AMS 2000 Family Copy-on-Write SnapShot User Guide
Hitachi AMS 2000 Family ShadowImage Insystem Replication User Guide
Hitachi AMS 2000 Family TrueCopy Extended Distance User Guide
Hitachi AMS 2000 Family TrueCopy Remote Replication User Guide

Command Control Interface (CCI) Installation Guide
Command Control Interface (CCI) Reference Guide
Command Control Interface (CCI) User?s Guide