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Linux(RHEL) HDvM agent ip wrong

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by Dang Luong
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Originally posted by: PeterNZ


Anyone have a quick fix for a Linux(RHEL) host appearing @ the HDvM Server with a address.
Host is basic new install no customisation,
- only one ethernet port - eth0 (An lo - local loopback is defined but I see no reason why I should delete this)
- HDvM agent installs cleanly,
- Registration communicates with Server
- HiScan works fine to send data to the Server.

Host object @ server populates with WWN and LDEVs etc.

Refresh wont work
An error occurred during communicating with the host agent ""

PS. HDLM also installs fine at the host and HDvM server adds the HDLM button to the host but the return path (HDLM Launcher) also fails with a reference to