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AMS500 - Urgent help required

Question asked by Kamalarajan S on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by Donna Garber

I have a customer with BlueArc HNAS attached to ams500 array which is out of support. Both of the ams controllers are down and they have purchased two new controllers of the same part number.


But the problem here is the controllers which are down have 2GB of Cache (1+1), the new controller have 2GB single module, I followed the AMS MDL and found no clue on this. Since the controller was completely down they have powered down the array. I removed the existing faulty controllers and inserted the new controllers.


After this is done, the controllers WEB console main window shows BOOT executing [OFFLINE]. So what i did is i removed the FC-AL cables connecting from the controllers to the disk enclosures and the BOOT process completed successfully. I'm not sure what is going wrong.


Could you please help me with it, Since the customer is not ready to invest on such a old controller for too much amount of AMC. They are in the process of purchasing HUS-VM and that is pending due to this issue (literally threatening).  Also they want the data back.


I have done the controller replacement (the array had only one controller and no redundancy) long back for one of the customer with no issue in getting back the data.


Any help to get back online will be appreciable.