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Microsoft Integration Adapters - how can we improve?

Question asked by Patricia Brailey Employee on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Jörgen Jäderberg

Hi All,


We have a new release of all of the Microsoft Integration Adapters coming November 18th.


New versions of:

  • SCOM - server and storage MP consolidation
  • Systems Center Orchestrator - new activities for HCP, HNAS 11.x, & snap shots
  • RBS Provider - SP 2013 and HSO-MS support
  • PowerShell - new cmdlets for HCP, HNAS 11.x, & snap shots
  • Storage Management Provider (SMP) - VMM integration!
  • VSS (12/3) - VMware RDM (FC) support


We are hoping to have these new versions available on the HDS portal.  They can also be downloaded from an internal website (ask your HDS rep!).


Let us know how we can improve!  We have been working closely with Microsoft and other customers on some improvements.  Note: The "vNext" release in April will include R2 support.



Microsoft Solutions Product Manager