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SMU ssc cli question

Question asked by John Dey on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by Michael Ratner

i have been using ssc cli commands to collect configuration and exports lists. In general this has worked well for me.

I have found an issue with the the "'for-each-evs  cifs-share list".  The evs data is written to stderr, the share data is written to stdout.

Also when chaining commands together output is being droped.  I need to run commands on a single EVS or else some of the data is missing. These scripts worked back in the BA days.  The stderr redirection was recently added.  Example:


ssc -u supervisor -p supervisor 'for-each-evs  cifs-share list' 2>&1 |

grep -e EVS -e 'Share name' |

awk '{

  if ( $0 ~ /EVS / ) {

      EVS_NUMBER=$2; EVS_NAME=$3;


  else if ( $0 ~ /Share name:/ ) {


CMD="ssc -u supervisor -p supervisor vn " EVS_NUMBER " cifs-saa list " SHARE_NAME

     system( CMD )