Cris Danci

Longevity and Leadership the norm at HDS

Discussion created by Cris Danci on Nov 21, 2013

While reading all these fantastic articles about who's suing who's, for breaching employeement contracts, I've had a chance to reflect on something I've recently noticed about HDS. While working closely with HDS, I've noticed that longevity with regards to employment is the norm.  Meeting staff that have been working for HDS for 15+ year is not uncommon and both the organization (I'd imagine) and the industry has changed dramatically in this time, which should bring about a lot of turn over, but it hasn't.  There are about half a dozen reasons (attributes) I could attribute why, but when I read this article it struck me ( Employees don't stay because they are paid or because HDS has the perfect organizational culture (because it doesn't,  no organization does) or because some.other simple attribute  They stay because of leadership. 


Now leadership in this context is not just about direction or vision, HDS is both a visionary and a laggard in the market.  Sure it's important,  but without the capabilities and the management of resources to be able to execute the direction or  vision, it might as well not exist; and this is really what it's all about, management.   I'm not going to get into a philosophical rant about leaders vs managers, but I think the fact that longevity is the norm is a pretty good indicator that HDS excels in this dimension too.



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