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The Last Path of an LU used by TrueCopy/ShadowImage cannot be deleted

Discussion created by Infogérance Sogeti on Jan 9, 2014
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Hello !

We are quite new on Hitachi storage systems. So we stick to written procedure to perform tasks especially when having to delete or deallocate LU.

I've an HP-UX cluster to remove. This used both True copy (on the nodes of the cluster) and shadow Image on the Netbackup backup system.

The procedure asks for removing the TC using pairsplit -S on the correct group on both nodes of the  HP-UX cluster, then to remove the shadow image using pairsplit -S on the group used by the backup cluster. Done without errors.

The I connected to Hitachi Command Suite to deallocate the LU from both nodes of the cluster and on both nodes of the backup cluster.

I was able to do this for one storage system (deallocation of the LU presented to one half of the application cluster and on one branch of the backup cluster) but on the other storage system, I consistently get the KAICO7185-E message stating that I cannot remove the last path of a LU used by TC/SI ....

All help and advice will be greatly appreciated !

Many thanks in advance for your answer !

Best regards.