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automate cifs share creation using Powershell

Question asked by Stein Morten Petersen on Nov 6, 2014
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I'm currently in the process of trying to automating the creation of cifs shares on HUS-VM using Powershell.

Alongside cifs shares I'm also creating security group in Active Directory, directories in the filesystem and publishing it all in DFS.

I downloaded a Powershell snapin, but it did not contain any cmdlets to administer the server side of the HUS-VM.


Are there any active plans to add PowerShell cmdlets to enable administering of the server side?


The forums points to the SSC.EXE utillity. This might be the only supported automation tool available now.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to how to set up the enviromnent to use this tool? Or to any good examples on how to use ssc.exe?