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HUS110 CLI access woes and the pains of using the UI

Question asked by Dan Yasny on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by jordan smith

So I've had to add a few more hosts to my HUS110, and ran into the problem of adding iscsi initiators. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the only workable solution to the task I found was as follows:

1. run a discover command to every portal from every new host (luckily, that's scriptable) so that the HUS will be aware of the new initiator IDs

2. Go into the UI, and for every target I have, edit -> checkmark the initiator IDs -> next->next-> save.

With 3 exported LUNs I had to do this 12 times (3 LUNs * 4 ports). Manually. With the UI not being too snappy because it's pretty buggy and only supports IE, it took about 30 minutes for a simple task that is a daily routine for some users.


Before I took the long and tedious UI route, I tried to get into the CLI, in hope of being able to script the entire procedure, but has no indication of where I should download the client, how I should connect to the HUS or pretty much anything really.

Attempts to ssh or telnet to the HUS controller IPs also failed.


So I have two questions

1. Is there a way to do bulk commands in the UI? In my example, it would be editing not a target-port entity, but a set of target-ports, and adding or removing a set of initiator IDs all at once, instead of having to go through every single target manually

2. Can someone please provide the steps required to perform to get into the HUS CLI? What do I need to download and install, where from, what prerequisites are there for the client to work. Scripting possibilities would also be great (bulk commands are one use case, monitoring would be another)