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HNAS backups to Networker with offline files

Question asked by Scott Harvey on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Michael Ratner



I'm investigating the implementation of a HNAS that will offline files into either HCP or directly into Amazon S3.


I want to backup the active tier in the HNAS (~40TB) using our corporate backup product EMC Networker. The backup will be performed using NDMP to a Data Domain.


What I don't know is how will the Networker NDMP backup treat a file that is offline into HCP or AWS S3? Offline files will need to have their reference stub backed up, but not recall the file back into the active tier (which will slow the backup).


I've heard setting the NDMP_BLUEARC_EXTERNAL_LINKS variable in the NDMP to recreate_link would handle this scenario (though I don't know for certain), but I don't think Networker supports this variable. Alternatively I think we can set backup_ignore_external_links to "on" on the HNAS, but again I'm not sure this will enable a backup of the offline file stub only.


Does anyone have any experience with HNAS, offline files and backup into Networker?