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HNAS Object Replication

Question asked by Ottfried Gottschalk on Jun 12, 2015
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we have at the main site a HNAS cluster and at the second site a HNAS without Cluster.

The distance between sites is 300 km. The sites are connected by Ethernet.

The file systems at the main site to be mirrored with Object Replication to second site

The file systems are mirrored from the outset,  this was no problem.

In an ongoing mirroring the data volumes are not very large.

Later, we had problems with the disk space of a mirrored file system, so we stopped mirroring and created new disks.
At first we thought that it is not a problem, rebuild the filesystem. After mirroring ran short time, there have been errors.
Mirroring starts all over again, in the log of HNAS appears that is not available the Source Site for 45 seconds.
The disks are then reformatted and Replication begins again  After many repetitions, and some days the snapshot was reached again.
This filesystem is 7 terrabytes in size. After that we started the same thing with another file system (9 TB), but this time is always restarted and there is no end.
There is no error in the network, all other applications do not have problems. The snapshots of the other file systems on the HNAS run without problems.
One thing is worth mentioning the network port on the source has 10Gbit and the network port on the target has 1Gbit.
Does anyone have an idea what I can do?@