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VSP GXX SVP network issues with management bridge

Question asked by Chuck Strickland on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Jaouad Kamou

I working with two G200 arrays.

the SVP has the management bridge configured with DisableSTA registry entry.

we are unable to maintain a stable network connection to the client network.

running wireshark we see the arp request for the gateway being sent but nothing is responding.


this does work for periods of time and then stops.

we've spent quite a few hours trying various changes but no consistency of when it works or stops has been found.


the SVP connects to a Nexus 2248 which uplinks to a nexus 5k.

if we plug the SVP directly into the 5k the connection is stable.


we have two other SVP units in a different building which are plugged into Nexus 2232 which uplink to nexus 5k and they dont exhibit the issue.


firewall is turned off for this testing and we have checked for latest firmware on all network devices.

If we remove the management bridge the connection is stable.


Also, the connection to the G200 controllers which go through the bridge are always stable. It is just the IP on the bridge itself which doesnt work.


Has anyone seen this behavior?