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CCI raidcom add host

Question asked by Solomon winfred on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Rashid Adiyarambath



I'm having trouble adding a host from CCI using raidcom.


From the following commands, I could successfully create the host group, modify the host mode and options, add the HBA, create the LDEV and assign it to the host group and finally modify the label of the ldev. But, when looking at the "Open-Allocated" in Command Suite, all the volumes that were created using raidcom, did not have the host entry (marked in yellow). Even under "Hosts -> Windows", I couldn't see those hosts. But all the hosts have access to their LUNs respectively.




Am I missing a raidcom command, that registers/adds a host?


raidcom add host_grp -port CL1-C -host_grp_name HG_WINHOST

raidcom add host_grp -port CL1-D -host_grp_name HG_WINHOST

raidcom add host_grp -port CL2-C -host_grp_name HG_WINHOST

raidcom add host_grp -port CL2-D -host_grp_name HG_WINHOST


raidcom modify host_grp -port CL1-C-28 -host_mode WIN_EX -host_mode_opt 40

raidcom modify host_grp -port CL1-D-27 -host_mode WIN_EX -host_mode_opt 40

raidcom modify host_grp -port CL2-C-27 -host_mode WIN_EX -host_mode_opt 40

raidcom modify host_grp -port CL2-D-28 -host_mode WIN_EX -host_mode_opt 40


raidcom add hba_wwn -port CL1-C-28 -hba_wwn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8

raidcom add hba_wwn -port CL1-D-27 -hba_wwn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8

raidcom add hba_wwn -port CL2-C-27 -hba_wwn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA

raidcom add hba_wwn -port CL2-D-28 -hba_wwn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA


raidcom add ldev -pool_id 0 -ldev_id 0x86B -capacity 293601280


raidcom add lun -port CL1-C-28 -lun_id 0 -ldev_id 2155

raidcom add lun -port CL1-D-27 -lun_id 0 -ldev_id 2155

raidcom add lun -port CL2-C-27 -lun_id 0 -ldev_id 2155

raidcom add lun -port CL2-D-28 -lun_id 0 -ldev_id 2155


raidcom modify ldev -ldev_id 2155 -ldev_name WINHOST_OS_C


Could somebody help?