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How can I delete an empty namespace where all objects have been purged?

Question asked by Simon Tetu on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Simon Tetu

Hello Community,


I've recursively purged the contents of my namespace with the hcpdm cli and I can see that all versions of files are gone with both the hcpdm migrator app and the Tenant Management Console. (v7.1.1.17 | Serial number: 00001)


However, while the files are gone I can still see traces of deleted directories when I show deleted objects. I thought this wouldn't impair my ability to delete the namespace from the TMC since I now see the garbage can icon reappeared for it.


So I attempted to delete the namespace which failed with the following notice:


  • Unable to delete namespace. Cannot delete namespace because HCP still has one or more deletion records for versioned objects in the namespace. To allow those records to be removed from the system, disable search, replication, and "Keep deletion records for versioned objects" for the namespace, and set the version pruning time for the namespace to zero days.


So I went back to change those namespace properties to the required values and submitted the changes (as you can see in the attached screenshots).


I still get the same failure notice and I'm starting to suspect either:


1. That the remaining traces of deleted directories might be responsible. (how do I fully erase those?)

2. That turning off search, replication, etc.. AFTER purging doesn't work. Should it be done BEFORE a purge?


Can someone shed any light on this?