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    in Pentaho

    First off, I'm not a developer. Please forgive me if I use the incorrect terminology. I'm here to gather info for those in the know. Our current situation is as follows - and works well: Running PDI 9.3 Enterprise on AWS EC2 Using ...

  • in Pentaho

    This appears to be the only way to do it (via the Pentaho User Console--which isn't much help when Pentaho is embedded in another application which supplies values to placeholders in the SQL): The admin user can access the SQL ...

  • in Pentaho

    Hi Folks, Is there a counter-part to the mondrian-sql.log logging capability for Interactive-style reports? I don't see anything in server/pentaho-server/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/classes/log4j2.xml Is it even possible to ...

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    I was looking for the license applicable for Pentaho 9.2 version. The download screen shows licensed under LGPLV2, GPLv2 and MPL1.1 However when I downloaded the source code, it shows licensed under LGPLv2. Can someone ...

  • in Pentaho

    See the image attached for a quick sketch of what to do  - basically put a blocking step (widget 'Block this step until steps finish ' ) before writing to each sheet and trigger them after each other (ie only write to sheet 2 ...


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